7 3
meditation, oil on canvas, 200x200cm, 2017



island, oil & acrylics on canvas, 2018
7 1
change meditation2 , oil on canvas, 2017
7 2
3, oil on canvas, 2017
7 4
and again, oil on canvas, 2018
7 5
and again, oil on canvas, 2017
7 7
upside down, oil on canvas, 2017-18
7 6
mind trap, oil on canvas, 2018
about faith & success, video still
success story, 2017-18
about odd & negotiation
negotiations, oil on canvas, 70×90 cm, 2017
snapchat small
digital collage, 2016
photographed by MMA DP1230003.tifretouched by film and media (jnc) 4_6_07
feeding tweeter, digital collage, 2016
oil on canvas, 2016
oil on canvas
oil on canvas, 2015


deus x machina, acrylics and oil on flag, 2018
more is enough s
acrylics on canvas, 2007


run fast
“run fast”. oil on canvas, 2014
hansolo final
“return”, oil on canvas, 100×60 cm, 2014-15
the sea in words
“the sea in words”, 100x100cm, oil on canvas, 2014
“go’, oil on canvas & spray, 100x100cm, 2014
“spring”, oil on canvas, 100x60cm, 2015
Athens by night
200x150cm, oil on canvas, 2014
young lou
“young Lou”, 150x150cm, oil&spray on canvas, 2014
bigger final
“Bigger”, acrylics & spray on canvas, 150x150cm, 2009

he, processed photo, 2013

fuck it all and go climbing project 1
antidisestablishmentarianism, spray and acrylics on canvas, 130×130 cm, 2009
'smile', acrylics on canvas, 2008
Same word but different meaning
slight return, processed photo, 2011
noble lies
innocent, processed photo, 2009
innocent, processed photo, 2008

new plan too

neighbour, processed photo, 2010
Neighbour,(Noble Lies)
prove its you2, processed photo, 2011
Noble Lies
soap diary, mixed media, 2010
soap diary, mixed technique, 2009
what is left from the 90's, processed photo, 2011
Noble Lies
love will tear us apart
Noble Lies
plato, mixed media, 2006
platochio, mixed media, 2006

Wall III, 2013

slight return, mixed media, 2011
Noble Lies


self transform movement


new omega, oil & spray on canvas, 2012
Noble Lies
noble lies, acrylics & spray on canvas, 2011
Noble Lies
new nl, 2012
Noble Lies

my way

 love is


what if
coffee, processed photo, 2011


man2-man1, digital painting, 2010
man2man, digital painting, 2010
we could be heroes
frieze, processed photo, 2008
dead man thinking,
dead man thinking, digital painting, 2010
doorman shows the enemy
digital painting; 2013

"Old news", digital art, 2013schetch6scetch2scetch1lost 2scetch4scetch5scetch7scetch8scetch9installation opinion copy small

Doorman shows the enemy, processed photo, 2013
couple of thoughts, digital collage, f.d., 2014
federal island, processed photo, f.d., 2014


holiday, digital collage, f.d., 2014

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