Selected Works

Slight change, oil on canvas, 130x100cm, 2021-22
Change request, charcoal spray & charcoal on canvas, and oil on canvas collage, 2022
What if, digital painting on canvas, oil on canvas collage, 110x70cm, 2022
Depends on how you see it, oil & charcoal on canvas, 250x150cm, 2022
Today & today & today, oil & acrylics on canvas, 2022
Miracle (oh God), Charcoal on canvas, 170x120cm, 2021
Keep Walking, oil on canvas, 2021
Home, oil &spray on canvas, 2021
magic pray, oil & charcoal on canvas, 2021
Exodus, oil on canvas, 2021
paradise fears, oil on canvas, 100x120cm, 2021
Doubt as a method of believing, oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2021
inout, oil on canvas, 50x5cm, 2020
drunk in a cave, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
miracle, oil, spray & acrylics on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
wait, oil acrylics & spray on canvas, 100x100cm, 2019
Smoke without fire, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
wind talking, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
Miracle, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
Magic or miracle, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
magic, oil & acrylics on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
Miracle, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
magic or miracle, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2020
I love you, acrylics on canvas, 160x110cm, 2019
directions for a time traveler, oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2019
heavy past, oil on canvas pasted on velvet, ribbon, 70x100cm, 2018
island, charcoal on papers, black tape, 120x160cm, 2019
passage, watercolors on paper, 2018
possible wayout, collage, 2017
i am, digital collage, 2016
Acrylics on pape
digital collage, 2018
about faith success, video still, 2018
and again, oil on canvas, 2017
change meditation2 , oil on canvas, 2017
3, oil on canvas, 2017
and again, oil on canvas, 2018
oil on canvas, 2017-18
digital collage, 2016
digital collage, 2016
collage, 2012
digital collage, 2012
digital collage, 2017
digital collage, 2017
digital collage, 2017
digital collage, 2016-17
instalation draft, 2017
oil on canvas, 2016
god, oil on canvas, 2015
acrylics on canvas, 2005
acrylics on canvas, 2007
Niki Giro
Niki Giro, digital collage, flexible dimensions, 2014
trap, digital collage, dimensions variable, 2013
long john passing a psychology test, size variable, 2013
“What would Disney do”, oil on canvas, 100x100cm, 2014
“spring”, oil on canvas, 100x60cm, 2015
“go’, oil on canvas & spray, 100x100cm, 2014
“the sea in words”, 100x100cm, oil on canvas, 2014
“run fast”. oil on canvas, 2014
“return”, oil on canvas, 100×60 cm, 2014-15
“young Lou”, 150x150cm, oil&spray on canvas, 2014
“no more travel plans”, oil on canvas, 150x150cm, 2015
200x150cm, oil on canvas, 2014
holiday, digital collage, f.d., 2014
couple of thoughts, digital collage, f.d., 2014
Doorman shows the enemy, processed photo, 2013
free thought, processed photo, 2013
“Bigger”, acrylics & spray on canvas, 150x150cm, 2009
antidisestablishmentarianism, spray and acrylics on canvas, 130×130 cm, 2009
Noble Lies
Noble lies
Same word but different meaning, 2007
soap diary, mixed technique, 2009
Noble Lies
Neighbour,(Noble Lies)
Noble Lies
innocent, processed photo, 2008
Noble Lies
platochio, mixed media, 2006
Noble Lies
Noble Lies
Noble Lies
trendy terrorism, photo2011
trendy terrorism, photo, 2011
coffee, processed photo, 2011
frieze, processed photo, 2008
dead man thinking, digital painting, 2010
man2man, digital painting, 2010