island 111, acrylics on wood, 70x100cm, work in progress, 2018



Deus x machina, oil & acrylics on nylon flag, 2017-18



Fortune cookie, charcoal on paper, 2017-18
Welcome & goodbye-(how to use your brain when you ‘re acephalous), oil on canvas and acrylics and oil on linen fabric, 2018
island, oil & acrylics on canvas, 2018
7 1
repetition as a method of change , oil on canvas, 2017
7 2
3, oil on canvas, 2017


7 4

7 5


E-P2 RGB 2316 GREECE 11

7 7
upside down, oil on canvas, work in progress, 2017-18


7 6

“Wild”, oil on canvas & wooden cubes, 2017
“Escape room”, oil on canvas, 2016
“Cage”, oil on canvas, 2016
“Alexander”, oil on canvas, 2016
“God”, oil on canvas, 2014
more is enough s
“No title”, acrylics on canvas, 2007
“Escape plan”, acrylics on fabric and paper, 2007
” New order- new rules in town”, oil on canvas, 2016
“spring”, oil on canvas, 100x60cm, 2015
“go’, oil on canvas & spray, 100x100cm, 2014
run fast
“run fast”. oil on canvas, 2014
the sea in words
“the sea in words”, 100x100cm, oil on canvas, 2014
detail, oil on canvas
no more travel plans
“no more travel plans”, oil on canvas, 150x150cm, 2015
young lou
“young Lou”, 150x150cm, oil&spray on canvas, 2014
hansolo final
“return”, oil on canvas, 100×60 cm, 2014-15
Athens by night
200x150cm, oil on canvas, 2014
bigger final
“Bigger”, acrylics & spray on canvas, 150x150cm, 2009
fuck it all and go climbing project 1
antidisestablishmentarianism, spray and acrylics on canvas, 130×130 cm, 2009
new omega, oil & spray on canvas, 2012
Noble Lies
new nl, 2012
Noble Lies
noble lies, acrylics & spray on canvas, 2011
Noble Lies




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