World Wall III, c-print, sketch of installation, 2013- (The Wall made by straw bell is creating a monumental wall, with reference to ancient civilisations. The difference here is that the monument is fragile (like peace, human relationships etc). Moreover one can realise that the wall “divides” to two sides, which in fact are common, although […]


Niki Giro, digital collage, flexible dimensions, 2014 martini dream, neon letters on fake fur, 2010 platochio, mixed media sculpture, 2006 Prove it’s you, processed photo, 2011 Slight return (Noble Lies), processed photo, 2012 man2man, digital painting, 2010 Noble Lies What is left from the 90’s (Noble Lies), processed photo, 2011 New stairs, (Noble lies), aluminium […]